How to Shop for FREE...or as little as 4.00 for a full cart of groceries

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Ok, so if your just starting out to the world of coupon's you probably have a lot to learn, so here's some suggestions you might want to follow.

First off get as many coupons as you can , don't assume you won't need them a lot of times they could end up working out free with coupon. You can find coupons in the Sunday Paper, local paper, magazines, in store (tear pads brochures blinkie or peelies)even at the doctor or dentist office. You can get extra coupon inserts by asking your local gas station for there leftovers, asking family and friends and even co workers, you can check your local recycling center, you can trade for coupons, do coupon trades or even buy coupon. I have started selling on EBay

Keep your coupons organized the best you can. I keep mine together in the insert with the date on top so I can easily find them. I also keep a copy cut in a carrier that I keep in my car.

Before you go shopping, go thru the stores ad see what your buying (or check the board and see what everyone else is buying) get your coupons matched up to the sale and get them cut and make a list. Stick to your list when you get to the store. if your not prepared when you get to the store you'll end up spending too much money.

At the store;

Always check for clearance sections usually found at the end caps or back of the store, you can find some really good deals back there.

If you find a great deal STOCK UP! Don't be shy hog it all up. Make sure if its a perishable item you figure out how long it will last and plan accordingly. Check the meat department for manager specials , if they tag a bin 1.50 off each package buy the lowest weight packages to maximize your savings. familiarize yourself with reading the cost per pound (especially with pet food) small bag may seem like a good deal but when you see the unit price per lb at .59 and the large bag is at .29 buy large. Unless of course you have a coupon that can be used on small bags, then you will have to do the math to see which works best. If your not great at math bring a calculator with you.

Get to know the stores you shop at , familiarize yourself with the staff, clearance sections , and policy. Avoid Coupon Envy cashiers! You'll know who they are once you go thru there line. Best cashiers are usually younger boys who could care less what coupons you use and are usually happy for you when you save a lot of money, worst cashiers are older cashiers who don't understand how coupons work and don't want to learn and act like you are doing something wrong because you are a smart shopper, thus smarter than them. Don't draw attention to yourself when you make out like a bandit. I always try and keep attention off myself, unfortunately they all have me figured out most managers think its great but some cashiers treat me like I'm robbing them. When in all actually I am helping there store , they get the coupon value refunded to them by the manager plus a handling fee and the mfr wants us

Step 1

Locate coupons , train your eyes to spot them and ask everyone you know for any they arent using. Never assume you dont need a coupon, even if its an item you don't normally use it may work out free or be a money maker somewhere.

Step 2

Keep your coupons organized so you can find them quickly when needed. I keep my inserts organized by date.

Step 3

Always get what works out FREE with coupons. I only get what is FREE or nearly FREE and then I stock up, this enables me to spend an average of 4.00 for a cart of groceries


Don't go to the store hungry


Stockup, If its free see what the shelf life is and plan ahead accordingly