What Do I Need to Do to Rent My House?

Do you want to move, but the prices being offered for your house don't match your needs? Consider keeping the home and renting it out, at least temporarily. Many homeowners are choosing to rent out their houses for a steady income source. You may even choose to rent out a room in the house for additional income.


You have to clean up the house and make necessary repairs before renting the space.


Check with your town to see if there are any codes or special rules that you need to comply with as a renter.


You need to place advertisements in your local paper or online to find prospective renters. You should also place a "For Rent" sign in the front yard of the house.


Once you get calls about the house, you have to schedule times to show the house to your prospective renters. Consider an open house day.


Some people naively believe that a verbal lease is a good idea. However, you need to draw up a written rental agreement in case you have issues with your renters down the line (see Resources).

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