How to Fill out a Residential Lease Form

Complete your residential lease form.

A residential lease form, also known as a rental agreement, is used to stipulate the agreed-upon terms between two parties. A property owner will present a residential lease form to people who want to occupy or reside within real property that he owns. A prospective tenant must perform some due diligence to understand all facets of the lease, before filling out the residential lease form.


Step 1

Read the entire residential lease form before you fill out or sign the agreement. Know the contents so that you will understand permissible activities and the items for which you are responsible. Residential lease forms are designed to protect the property owner, therefore you should get clarifications for anything that you do not understand. Additionally, the lease form will display the name of all occupants, lease amount, due dates and the term.


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Step 2

Gather your documents to fill out your residential lease form. You may need to provide rental references, employment information, addresses and dates for places that you have lived during the past two years.


Step 3

Complete the residential lease form. Fill out all sections of the lease application and include the information for any co-applicants. Sign and date all applicable areas of the lease form.


Seek legal advice for terms that are not clear before signing your residential lease form. Resolve any bad debts that appear on your credit report before applying for a lease. Inquire about contact numbers for emergencies. Get details about pet ownership.


Portions of your security deposit may be kept to cover any property damages that occurred during your residency.

Application fees are typically nonrefundable.

After executing your lease, keep copies of your deposit and rental payments.



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