How to Fill Out a Move-in Checklist

How to Fill Out a Move-in Checklist. If you're moving into rental property, fill out a move-in checklist to avoid potential disagreements with your landlord over damages to the property during the term of your lease.

Step 1

Before you move your goods into the rental property, ask your landlord to conduct a "walk-through" of the property with you.


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Step 2

Obtain a property condition report form from a local office supply store if your landlord does not provide a copy. Take the report form with you to the walk-through.

Step 3

Inspect each room thoroughly during the walk-through, noting the condition of ceilings, walls, woodwork, windows, floors and carpeting.


Step 4

Check the condition of all appliances, built-ins, electrical outlets and bathroom fixtures.

Step 5

Check drainage of sinks, tubs and toilets. Note any missing or broken components.

Step 6

Test air conditioning and heating units for correct operation.



Step 7

Note the condition of each item in writing on your checklist during your walk-through.

Step 8

Take pictures to document the condition of the property on move-in day.

Step 9

Ask for a reasonable period of time (about a week or so) to notify the landlord about any unacceptable conditions that you might have missed during the walk-through.


Step 10

Sign and date the property condition report form.

Step 11

Give one copy to your landlord and retain a copy for your personal records.


Many states require landlords to use a property condition report form with new tenants. Check with a real estate attorney or local housing authorities to find out about lease laws in your area.


Avoid potential disputes with your landlord at the end of your lease by keeping a signed, dated report that validates the condition of the property on the day you moved into the rental unit.

Things You'll Need

  • Property Condition Report

  • Pens

  • Cameras

  • Film



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