How to Fill Out a Move-in Checklist

Before you move your goods into the rental property, ask your landlord to conduct a "walk-through" of the property with you.

Obtain a property condition report form from a local office supply store if your landlord does not provide a copy. Take the report form with you to the walk-through.

Inspect each room thoroughly during the walk-through, noting the condition of ceilings, walls, woodwork, windows, floors and carpeting.

Check the condition of all appliances, built-ins, electrical outlets and bathroom fixtures.

Check drainage of sinks, tubs and toilets. Note any missing or broken components.

Test air conditioning and heating units for correct operation.

Note the condition of each item in writing on your checklist during your walk-through.

Take pictures to document the condition of the property on move-in day.

Ask for a reasonable period of time (about a week or so) to notify the landlord about any unacceptable conditions that you might have missed during the walk-through.

Sign and date the property condition report form.

Give one copy to your landlord and retain a copy for your personal records.