How to Write a Bill of Sale for Property

How to Write a Bill of Sale for Property
Write a Bill of Sale for Property

Hammer out the essential terms. Essential terms are the purchase price, the name and address of the seller, the name and address of the buyer and a description of the property.

Download and print a property bill of sale template from an online legal document resource taking care to use a bill of sale that is specifically formatted for your state. Alternatively, use the following template:


I__(seller), in consideration of__dollars, do hereby sell, transfer and convey the following property __(property description) to __ (buyer).

I, the undersigned seller, agree to sell the above property to the buyer for the above amount "as is." Upon completion of the sale I will transfer possession of the the property to the buyer within (number) days.

I, the undersigned buyer, accept the property "as is." I acknowledge receipt of the property at the time I take physically possession of it from the seller.

Dated this__day of ___, 2010.

Sellers Name:___ Buyers Name:__

Sellers Address: _ Buyers Address: __

Sellers Signature:__ Buyers Signature:_

Witness Name:___

Witness Address: _

Witness Signature:__

Sign and date the bill of sale to complete the transaction.