How to Increase My Monthly Income

The most effective way to save more money is to make more money in the first place. The most reliable way to make more money is with multiple streams of income — that is, refusing to rely on a single source of income in case that source becomes unavailable. Increase your income through a variety of online and offline strategies.

Step 1

Work more hours at your job. Ask for a pay raise or promotion as well.

Step 2

Do odd jobs for family and friends, such as baby-sitting, pet-sitting, cleaning, repairs, lawn maintenance and vehicle cleaning. Charge a small but reasonable fee for your services. Ask each person you help to refer you to a friend.

Step 3

Take paid online surveys through companies such as CashCrate, Inbox Dollars and Toluna. These typically pay a couple dollars in exchange for five minutes of your time or your participation in a trial use of a company's product. Be prepared to receive a lot of e-mails from such companies; you might open a new e-mail account just to receive them.

Step 4

Work as a freelancer through an online company. Find ads on websites such as vWorker, Craigslist and Indeed for online jobs in your area of expertise. Look especially for jobs that allow you to work as much or as little as you want so there are no limits on your earning potential.

Step 5

Get a job in addition to your primary job. While your schedule may not be as flexible as with work-at-home opportunities, you will certainly increase your income.