How to Find Free Grant Applications

Find Free Grant Applications

With the dozens of free grant applications that can be found online, getting government grant money is as easy as filing out some personal information and asking for the money. There's billions of dollars in free government grants available to the American people, but you need to ask for it.


Step 1

Finding free grant applications is as easy as accessing the grant database. Here you'll find hundreds of available funding programs that are sponsored by the federal and state government, as well as private foundation grants.

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Step 2

Identify the grant programs that you qualify for, and carefully review the eligibility requirements to obtain your free money. Fill out the free grant application and submit it online, or you may want to hire a grant writer to help you with the process.


Step 3

There's no limit on the number of grants you can apply for, so fill out as many free grant applications as you see fit. If you are denied, you can apply again. Since your request for free grant money is manually reviewed, you may get lucky the second time.


Step 4

Once you've submitted your free grant application and been approved, receive your funds and spend it as described in the application. Whether you use your grant funds to get out of debt, buy a new home, go back to school or start a small business, you'll never be asked to pay this money back.



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