How to Apply for a Debt Relief Grant

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Many people who are swimming in debt may not know how to seek government assistance for debt relief. By applying for debt relief grants, you can minimize the time it takes to pay off your total debt and open up funds for you to start purchasing again. These government-backed debt relief grants don't require you to put up collateral; you just need to show you cannot pay the debt. These grants can help people pay off debts such as medical bills, student loans and business startup loans. The government offers such debt relief so that people can pay off their debt and start spending money normally again, to stimulate the economy. In order to apply for a grant, you need to make sure you know your situation clearly and have proper paperwork about your debt.


Step 1

Look for debt relief grants on the Internet. Go to government grant websites such as or and search for "debt relief grants."

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Step 2

Once you find a grant that you think you can qualify for, gather and organize your financial information depending on the type of grant. For instance, if you are applying for credit card debt relief, gather your credit card statements and know the exact balances and interest rates on each card.


Step 3

Applying for a debt relief grant can be a daunting task and, oftentimes, the government offers grants to nonprofit debt companies that counsel those who are in debt. For instance, if you are a small-business owner who would like help with a small-business loan, a search on can provide information on loan programs that will help you pay off that debt.


Step 4

Often, applying for a grant means writing a grant proposal. This is a large part of the selection process, and could make or break your application. Make sure that you have collected all the information required before starting, and edit the proposal after you've written it to ensure there are no errors. There are online resources to help with grant proposal writing; try individual grant proposals sites such as



Step 5

If for some reason you do not receive a debt relief grant, don't despair—there are programs that can help you get your debt down to a reasonable level. Many companies offer assistance and advice, but be very choosy. Consider how much the company charges for their services, talk to friends and family for recommendations and do research online about the company's dependability and reputation.


Be prepared to go over your financial information with a keen eye. Don't be discouraged. Start the process with a positive attitude.

Things You'll Need

  • A computer with Internet access

  • A phone

  • Supporting financial documents


Do diligent research on companies that provide debt relief programs.

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