How to Get an EBay Discount Coupon

Occasionally, eBay sends discount coupons to members, who can use them to pay for items on the site. The coupons can only be used if the seller accepts PayPal.

Step 1

Some people believe that you can easily obtain eBay discount coupons and codes from the Internet. However, this is not true. EBay only sends out discount coupons to a select group of its registered users at a time; any code is programmed to work only for those users.

Step 2

Go to your "My eBay" page and make sure your contact information is up to date. Select the "Account" tab and choose "Notification Preferences."

Step 3

Scroll to "Promotions and Surveys" and select "Show." Put a check mark in the box for "General email promotions" and then click on "Save."

Step 4

You can only use one eBay discount coupon per transaction. They usually have short expiration dates, so keep a close eye on the date before it expires. If you have any problem using the coupon, contact a PayPal customer service representative for help.

Step 5

Expect to see special promotions and eBay discount coupons near a holiday or big sale event. Visit eBay's website regularly to check up on any promotion codes they might have.

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