How to Find Coupons for Free Advantage Flea Treatment

According to the website (see Resources), Advantage Flea Treatment is popular because its active ingredient, imidocloprid, quickly kills all (or nearly all) the fleas on dogs and cats within a 12-hour period. Pet owners also like it because it's easy to apply to their animals--all you have to do is rub the solution between the pet's shoulder blades, which is a lot easier than trying to apply a flea killer with a spray. With a dose for just a small animal costing approximately $50, and with the recommendation that the product be applied every month, finding a coupon for a free Advantage Treatment can help reduce costs.


Finding Free Advantage Flea Treatment Coupons

Step 1

Visit the manufacuter's website: The Bayer company has a giveaway for free Advantage Flea Treament listed right on the home page. You can print a coupon that gives you a free treatment if you purchase one six-pack or two four-packs of the product.


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Step 2

Check with your vet. Like doctors who treat humans, veterinarians receive samples of products that manufacturers want to promote. See if your doctor has any coupons for Advantage, or even some free samples of it.

Step 3

Browse animal magazines. While you are at your vet checking on that free coupon, peruse through the magazines in his lobby that are dedicated to pet ownership to see if they contain Advantage giveaways. Or stop by your local Barnes & Noble and look through copies of dog and cat magazines like Cat Fancy, Cat Fanciers Almanac, Dog Fancy, Dog World and Dog USA.


Step 4

Scan Internet coupon sites. Websites like,,, and are among the hundreds of websites that give away coupons. For future savings on all your shopping needs, it's a good idea to sign up for a couple of the sites' e-newsletters so that you keep receiving bargains in your inbox.



Step 5

Search eBay coupon auctions. People auction off coupons for below face value on eBay. Even though technically this coupon is for a free treatment, if you were able to purchase one at an auction for $10, you are still saving $40 in the long run on the total cost of the product.

Step 6

Post on Craigslist that you are searching for Advantage coupons. Offer to trade other coupons or another item in exchange for the coupon. and are two such other sites where you can swap coupons with someone.



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