How Does a Veteran Grant Work?

Understanding the Veteran Grant

A veteran grant can be classified as any program that offers special monetary compensation to those that have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. A veteran grant exists to assist servicemen and women in the transition between serving and living as a civilian. The most well known grant system for veterans is the G.I. Bill, which provides money for educational training for veterans, as well as unemployment compensation. The grants under the G.I. Bill can be applied by veterans any time within 10 years of their end of service. Other types of veteran grants exist for specific needs and purposes. There are grants in place to assist homeless veterans, for example, as well as grants given by certain states. Each grant will have its own application process, though generally veterans are able to receive grants as long as they meet the basic requirements.

Illinois Veteran Grant

One example of a state based grant is the Illinois Veteran Grant. Similar to the G.I. Bill, this grant provides full payment for tuition and fees for any college and university in Illinois for residents of Illinois. The requirements for the grant are only that the applicant have lived in the state for six months preceding his service, and that he served for at least one year. Each state may offer its own unique grant opportunities for its veterans. Your state's website should contain links to its own grant programs if it currently has any.

Veteran Grant Scams

Returning veterans often have a difficult time adjusting to a civilian life, which is part of the reason the G.I. Bill exists. Since veterans are aware that special programs are available for service people, they often look for special grants and discounts. Like in most situations where someone is looking for free or easy money, predators will attempt to prey on veterans, by offering free grant money for a fee or bank account information. Veterans seeking grant aid should be wary of any party besides the federal or state governments offering assistance, and due thorough due diligence an any such party.