How to Make Money Fast to Pay Bills

Extra money is needed when there is too much month at the end of your money.
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Making a few quick bucks to pay bills can be as simple as asking for extra hours or overtime at your current job. However, there are numerous other ways, both online and offline, to create extra income for you and your family.

Offline Options

Go through your closets and take a bag of unwanted or outgrown clothes to a consignment shop. Some shops pay you for the clothes when you drop them off, while others pay you a percentage of the sales price when your clothes are purchased by customers. If you don't want to lug all your unwanted items around from store to store, hold a yard or garage sale to earn money fast. Advertise the sale ahead of time by posting signs in your area and listing the sale in the classified ad section of your local newspaper. Another option is to offer neighbors and family your services for an hourly rate. Jobs such as babysitting, doing yard work, walking pets, cleaning houses or changing a car's oil can quickly bring in some extra cash and help out a neighbor at the same time.

Online Options

Websites such as and offer jobs for those with the right skill sets. Jobs range from conducting basic Internet searches to writing content for eBooks and websites. Payment is based upon the job performed. Additionally, you can sell unwanted items online through or As of publication, Craigslist is free, while eBay will charge you a listing fee. Both require a little extra work than simply taking items to a consignment store or pawn shop, but may offer higher selling prices due to a wider customer base.