How to Get Stuff For Free

Who doesn't like free stuff? There are many ways you can get free stuff and save money at the same time.

Step 1

Sometimes newspapers especially the Sunday edition will contain coupons for free household items. Once I found a coupon for a free razor from Schick. Another time I found a coupon for a free air freshner. Check your coupons regularly!

Step 2

If your local coffee/smoothie/carwash etc. place has a card where you buy say 5 and get the sixth free then join it. It always feels great to redeem your full card for a free coffee/smoothie/carwash etc.

Step 3

Join a birthday club or e-club. Places like Baskin Robbins and La Madeleine give you free coupons for food for your birthday. Yum!

Step 4

Listen to the radio, watch tv, or pay attention to the Internet. Sometimes you will hear or see ads about upcoming freebies at local businesses.

Step 5

Go to your grocery store. Especially on the weekends. This is when they hand out the best samples around the store. You might be able to make a small meal of it!

Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper

  • Internet access

  • Radio