How to Become a Stadium Concessions Vendor

Sports teams around the country rely on vendors to provide food to patrons in the stands. Whether selling beer, peanuts, hot dogs or cotton candy, a vendor will spend the entire ball game walking the stands yelling over the crowd noise to earn a commission. Vendors must be healthy and in great shape in order to keep up with the demands of the position. Many stadiums have gotten away from hiring their own vendors and now rely on outside companies. Whether the stadium hires or an outside company does, you must start by taking a trip to the sports stadium.


Step 1

Ask a security guard where you can find the concession management office. If the stadium does not have an outside company providing its concessions, ask where you can find the human resources office.

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Step 2

Speak with the hiring manager over concessions or someone in the human resources office. Ask about a concessions hiring fair or when they will be accepting applications.


Step 3

Ask about specific qualifications for vendors at that particular stadium. Vendors must be able to yell over crowd noise, climb stadium stairs for the duration of the game or event and handle cash correctly. Companies may have additional requirements.

Step 4

Attend the hiring fair and apply for a position with the concessions department. You may receive an interview on the spot or be called in for one at a later date.



Step 5

Obtain a food handler's license and alcohol server's license if the city you are working on requires one. You must be 18 to get a license to serve alcohol. The concessions company or stadium human resources will know where you can obtain the licenses needed in your area.


Be prepared for the interview by bringing your identification and resume with you to the hiring fair.


Being physically incapable to complete your job as a concessions vendor can lead to you being fired.

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