How to Use a Credit Card to Buy Land

How to Use a Credit Card to Buy Land
Use a Credit Card to Buy Land

Identify the property you intend to purchase. Negotiate the purchase price with the seller and ask for money toward closing costs to lighten your overall cost. Try to get the best deal you can in order to minimize your credit card debt.

Find out your available credit card balance and learn the estimated closing costs from the title company handling your real estate closing.

Take a cash advance on your credit card up to the card limit or the amount needed for your land purchase. The cash advance may be deposited directly into your bank account, and you can then draw a certified check from this account.

Figure out how much money you'll need from other sources if your credit card is not enough to cover the land and closing expenses. Bring your credit card cash advance and other money to your scheduled closing.

Bring your money to the closing, in