How to Sell Gold Crowns

Gold crown

Gold crowns on your teeth can come out periodically. Not often, but it does happen. Your dentist can usually put the crown back, but sometimes it's necessary to get an entirely new crown. If this should happen to you, don’t throw away that old gold crown. Dental gold can be sold as scrap to be melted down and made into something new. If you have a gold crown and don’t know what to do with it, keep reading to learn how to sell gold crowns.

Step 1

Weigh your gold crowns with a digital scale. This should give you a precise measurement, down to one tenth of a gram, of the weight of your gold crowns. You need to know the weight to estimate how much you can expect to receive for your gold crowns by selling them as dental scrap gold.

Step 2

Select a refiner to sell your gold crowns to. If there is a refiner or gold assayer in your local area, then you can sell your gold crowns by going to the office. Most people will have to select a refiner that buys gold by mail. Two possibilities are and There are many refiners similar to these (see the Additional Resources section).

Step 3

Request a kit from the refiner you selected. This kit will consist of packaging for the gold crowns and an envelope that is postage paid and insured. You can request the kit on the refiner’s website.

Step 4

Mail your gold crowns to the refiner.

Step 5

Wait for your check. After receiving your gold crowns, the refiner will assay the gold to determine its purity, then pay you according to the weight of the gold. A check should arrive in the mail after about a week. The processing time may vary from one refiner to the next.


Always make careful note of the tracking number on your prepaid envelope. This will allow you to track the progress of your shipment and will be needed in the unlikely event that you need to claim the insurance on the package.