How to Create a Tutoring Flyer

If you offer tutoring, creating a flyer is a great way to advertise your services. A flyer is a single sheet of advertising that can include graphics, but usually presents copy. The copy can be persuasive, or the copy can be informative, meaning it conveys the facts about the services provided. One mistake people make when they create their own tutoring flyer is to combine both types of copy. But given the limited space of a flyer, it is best to stick to one type of copy, preferably informational. With informational copy you can list any expertise, and more importantly, your contact information.

Step 1

Determine what you will include on the tutoring flyer. Write down facts about your services and any contact information on a sheet of paper. Create a list with the name of your tutoring service, the subjects in which you specialize, and the number of years you have tutored. Remember to mention the time and place where you provide the tutoring as well as your phone number or email.

Step 2

Create a mock up of the tutoring flyer. Try to get a feel for how you want the finished product to appear by drawing squares where the text will appear on a sheet of copy paper.

Step 3

Use your computer to create the tutoring flyer. Create a new document in your word processing or desktop publishing program.

Step 4

Type in the same information you included in the mock up version. Know that employing a variety of fonts (typeface) distracts readers, in effect, turning them off. To avoid this, choose one font family and stick with it. For instance, use Arial Black for a headline; use Arial Narrow for text.

Step 5

Add any graphics or images to the tutoring flyer, if so desired. Avoid overly large images that may interfere with the message you are trying to communicate.

Step 6

Print off the tutoring flyer. Be sure to choose the best print option for a clean copy of what you create.


Know that the human eye reacts to certain shapes more favorably than others. Be aware that designers or those who create publications tend to arrange copy and images according to the following shapes, such as the square, I, O, U, L, and T. Try to fit your ad copy into one of these shapes. Pick a font that is legible at a distance. Experiment with the point size of your font.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer

  • Printer

  • Paper