These Are the 12 Stages of Paying Your Bills

Pay day is exciting, paying bills is not. These are the 12 stages of paying your told by GIFs.

Waiting for pay day like...

It's getting closer, I can feel it...

It's here!

I have so much money!

JK. Let me sit at my computer and get rid of all this cash.

Sweet, I didn't spend much money on food. Thank you free food at the office.

Why is car insurance just as much as my car payment?

Oh great, my automatic student loan payment was deducted already. Fabulous. How much trouble would I get into if I told Sallie Mae this?

Better yet...

Yup, I Googled it, bad idea.

Whatever. What else do I need to pay? Oh geez, just take all my money.

That was exhausting. So much for pay day.

See you again in two weeks, money.