How to Get Cash From a Checking Account

Personal checks are great for paying bills and shopping; however, it's not always convenient or possible to write out a check. You may need cash from your checking account to pay for dinner, make purchases while traveling and shop at stores that don't accept personal checks. Here are some ways to get cash from your checking account.


Step 1

Get an ATM card for your checking account. This is the simplest way to access your cash, since ATM machines offer 24/7 access to your bank accounts. Each machine charges different access fees for non-customers, and your bank may charge a fee as well when using an out-of-network ATM.

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Step 2

Visit your local bank branch to make a withdrawal from your checking account. This typically requires filling out a withdrawal slip and providing identification before the bank teller will process your request.


Step 3

Get cash when making a deposit in person. Fill out your deposit slip and simply write the amount of cash you need in the provided space.

Step 4

Get cash back when shopping at certain stores. It is possible to write your check for more than the amount of purchase, within that store's limits. A store's check policies are normally posted at each checkout lane.



Step 5

Write a check for cash. This procedure is probably the most outdated, and was used before ATM machines came into being. Just fill the check out, and write in "Cash" on the "Pay To The Order Of" line. You can cash this check at your bank branch and in certain stores, at the Customer Service counter.


Don't forget to record ATM withdrawals in your check register, including associated fees.



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