The Alternatives for Cashing Checks if My Bank Account Is Frozen

When your bank account is frozen for any reason, it can wreak financial havoc in your life. You may wonder how in the world you can operate financially, particularly when it comes to cashing checks. However, there are alternative ways to cash a check if you cannot access your bank account as long as you are willing to absorb the fees that often come along with this process.


Check Cashing Center

Head to a check cashing center with your identification and check and after dealing with some fairly hefty fees, you can walk out with cash in your pocket. However, these centers are known for charging up to 10 percent or more to cash your check, which means that for larger checks, you could be paying hundreds of dollars. However, they are readily available in most locales and are a viable option if you have nowhere else to cash your check.


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Grocery Store

Some major grocery store chains -- such as Publix and Winn-Dixie, for example -- cash certain types of checks, generally payroll and cashier's checks. A fee may be assessed and you are required to present identification. Most grocery stores also have a limit on how big the check can be, since unlike a bank, they may not keep large amounts of money on hand for this purpose.


Pawn Shop

Go to your nearest pawn shop to cash your check if you have limited options. Some pawn shops have automated check cashing systems that put a copy of your identification on file so you don't have to present it each time you cash a check. However, be prepared, because just like check cashing centers, the fees for cashing a check here can be high.


Issuer's Bank

If you are unable to cash the check through your own bank, then you have the option to take it to the bank of the person who wrote you the check. This not only ensures that the money is available to you, but you can receive it without any wait. Be prepared to give the bank your identification and you may have to pay a small fee and provide a thumbprint as well.