How do I Cash a United States Check in the UK?

Got a United States check that needs cashing? Best to deposit it in a bank.

If you've got a United States dollar check in the United Kingdom, you have several options. You can use a check-cashing shop or foreign currency exchange bureau. But the best and cheapest method is to cash your check at a bank. All methods are subject to the prevailing exchange rate at the time of cashing and usually incur an administration fee.


Step 1

Contact your bank branch in the U.K. or call a bank used by a friend or family member. U.S. bank branches are more likely to cash a United States check in the U.K. at better terms and may be able to cash it faster.

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Step 2

Ask what fee is charged to cash a United States check in the U.K. Fees will vary depending on the bank, but expect to pay between £5 and £10. Fees also may vary depending on the value of the check.


Step 3

Check out the exchange rate between dollars and British pounds so you have some idea what your check will equate to when converted. It will only be a guide, as the bank will use the exchange rate current at the time of conversion.

Step 4

Go to your chosen bank. Present your check to the cashier and tell him you want to cash your United States check.


Step 5

Complete the deposit slip. Use your bank details if it is your own bank. Or get your friend or family member to complete the form if the check is to be paid into their account.


Step 6

Sign the back of the check and show the cashier a driver's license or passport with your signature. Hand over your check and deposit slip. You may need to assign the check to a friend or family member if using their account.


Step 7

Check with the cashier on the waiting period before funds are available. The period varies depending on the bank you are using, but be prepared to wait between five and 14 days.


If you expect to receive many United States checks, ask your bank about the benefits of a U.S. dollar account.


Be wary of using check-cashing shops. The exchange rate is poor and the charges very high.

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