How to Turn a House Into a Timeshare

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How to Turn a House Into a Timeshare. If you're thinking of turning your house into a timeshare, you might want to ask yourself a few questions and analyze a few things before you decide to. You can change your house into a timeshare if you follow these steps below first. Here is how to turn your house into a timeshare and make some money from the profits.


Step 1

Begin by taking some photos of your home. You will need these to post your new timeshare home on websites and place it in newspapers. Post your timeshare home on websites like or

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Step 2

Clean out everything in your home that you don't want to be touched by other guests. Find a closet to put your things away in and get a lock for the door to protect your valuables.


Step 3

Make sure your home fits into the market of timeshare home rentals and vacation homes. Does the area offer anything to its visitors such as nice beaches, family fun or attractions?

Step 4

Get a timeshare professional agent to look over your home and give you an idea about how much you should charge people to rent out your timeshare.



Step 5

Figure out what time of the year you want your home to be a timeshare and what time of the year you will want to stay there. If you have another home, you can rent your timeshare home out throughout the whole year.

Step 6

Start advertising your timeshare in magazines, on the Internet and in newspapers. Make sure your timeshare looks clean and has everything your guests will need while staying in your home.



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