How to Sell a Westgate Resort Timeshare

How to Sell a Westgate Resort Timeshare
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Do not give out any personal information to anyone. The buyer does not need to know what your social security number is. Understand that you may not get the full worth of what you laid out for the timeshare and if you have a loan for the repayment you are still responsible for the repayment of your loan

You have gone to one of those great vacation sites, listened to the sales pitch and lo and behold you took out your checkbook and signed up for that vacation week guaranteed for a lifetime. Now you are back home, and things do not look as rosy as they did when you were sitting in that beach chair with the wine cooler next to you. You have an expensive payment to make and you are not really sure that you want to continue going to the same place year after year or even swapping with someone else for a different location. You decide that your best bet is sell that Westgate Resort Timeshare, so look at your options:

Step 1

Advertise back with Westport Resorts that you wish to sell your timeshare

Step 2

Do Not Pay any upfront fees. There are numerous companies and websites that offer to assist you in advertising your timeshare for an advertising fee upwards of $300.00. Do not pay these fees you can do this yourself

Step 3

Advertise in your local newspapers, bulletin boards at your church, suppermarket and workplace. Take the five or ten dollars that it costs to advertise in the major newpapers and place your advertisement

Step 4

Know what your week is worth, look at when your week is during the year, is it in season, where is it located, can you trade or swap with someone, is it at a destination that someone wants to go to. You have to know all of these answers when your buyers start to contact you

Step 5

Try Ebay as a resort for advertising your time share for sell.