These are the Hot Jobs of 2017

Image Credit: Twenty20

If you are thinking about what career to get into, considering switching industries, or want more job stability, 2017 is going to be a great year for that.

According to research done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, several industries are going to be experiencing large growth over the next few years. What this means for you: Lots of new jobs and opportunity. (Awwww yissssss.)

Based on this, here are the jobs you'll definitely want to consider for 2017 if you are in the job market!

Industry: Healthcare

The healthcare industry is already experiencing immense growth and will only continue to grow as the current baby boomer generation continues to retire and has needs for a variety of health care and medical services.

Top jobs to consider in the health care industry include:

1. Physicians Assistants:

Physicians assistants support physicians and surgeons in examining, diagnosing, and treating patients. This field is projected to grow by 30% over the next several years (28,700 more jobs) with a median salary of $98,190. Keep in mind: The education level needed to work in this field requires a masters degree, but it could be a great investment. Oh, and you'd really be helping people, so: Yay you!

2. Occupational Therapy Assistants:

Occupational therapists aid patients in recovering from illness and injuries by helping to improve the skills they need for everyday living. Growth projections for this field are 43% (16,800 more jobs) over the next several years. The medium annual wage is $54,520 and the minimum level of education to become an occupation therapist requires an associate's degree from an accredited occupational therapy assistant program.

3. Physical Therapists:

Physical therapists help people with pain management and with muscle and body improvement due to chronic illness or injuries by supporting their rehabilitation and treatment. In order to become a physical therapist, the minimum education required is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree and a state license to practice. With a median annual salary of $84,020 and a projected growth of almost 72,000 more jobs (30%) this is a great field to get into.

Industry: Technology

The technology is of course an area that's growing rapidly. Just look around you — everything is "smart" and everything happens online. Technology is also driving innovation across every industry that you can think of and as a result more jobs are being created.

Top jobs to consider in the technology industry include:

4. Software Developers:

The minimum education requirement to work as software developer is a field-related bachelor's degree. With a median income of $100,690, this perfect for those passionate about coding and technology development.

5. Computer Systems Analysts:

These folks work to combine and analyze business and technical processes more efficiently and is prime for someone who likes to experience both the business and technology side of an industry. This job field is projected to bring in over 118,000 new jobs in the near future and requires a field-related bachelor's degree.

Other industries:

Outside of healthcare and technology, job growth is expected to be high across several other industries including service, energy, and construction.

Some high-growth fields to consider include:

6. Wind Turbine Technicians:

This cool-sounding job has the highest growth projection in the coming years and requires a high school degree. Median salary is $51,050 which makes this a great entry position after high school. So what do a wind turbine technicians do? They are responsible for servicing, repairing, and maintaining wind turbines.

7. Operations Managers and Executives:

Management will continue be in high demand across all industries. It makes sense: Someone has to manage all these new hires! Managers and executives help companies co-ordinate organization, business, and processes. The median salary is $102,690 and 147,000 jobs are expected to be added over the next several years.

8. Interpreters and Translators:

Business is becoming more international. And since we all know Google Translate doesn't quite get the job done, that means, we'll need more professional interpreters and translators. If you are fluent in a second language, this could be a great new part-time or full-time position. Median pay starts at $44,190 and over 17,500 new jobs are projected over the next few years.