How to Buy a Ghost Town

How to Buy a Ghost Town. Imagine the most unusual purchase you can make. Picture a large piece of real estate with a general store, a historic schoolhouse and old houses waiting for restoration. Ownership of an entire town can be yours when you buy a ghost town.

Step 1

Check with real estate agents to find the perfect ghost town. A Wenatchee agent listed a ghost town in Monse, Washington for $675,000, and part of it is still for sale.

Step 2

Surf the Internet to buy a ghost town. The town of Bridgeville, California sold on eBay for $1.8 million.

Step 3

Look at the attributes and resources of the ghost town you find and assess use. Think about using the land for farming, ranching, mining, growing orchards or building a wind farm to harness energy.

Step 4

Decide if the real estate is for your sole use or an investment. Consider developing the area for an executive or retirement retreat, a children's camp, hunter's lodge or create a center for domestic violence victims.

Step 5

Split the land into parcels and sell them to families to develop the area into a functioning town. Draw people to the area that will run small businesses.

Step 6

Enlist the financial backing of investors unless you have money to buy the town and develop it without assistance. Check with banks or lending institutions before you attempt to buy a ghost town.

Step 7

Research the area to make sure there is nothing wrong with the land that caused abandonment. Make sure water is available and the quality is good for drinking.