How to Get a Discount at Starbucks

Get your daily fix for less.

If you love your coffee, but your latte habit is breaking your budget, plan ahead for discounts at Starbucks. Use your travel mug or a buy a combination breakfast to save money. In addition, if you head to Starbucks more than once a day, you can garner lower-cost coffee to support your daily habit. In addition, social media plays a part in helping maintain your budget.


Step 1

Bring your own coffee cup. Starbucks prides itself on environmental causes and gives a discount if they don't have to provide you with a cup.

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Step 2

Check your social media apps for current discounts to use. Some check-in social media sites offer discounts on specific drinks at certain times of day. Drinks and discounts vary, so check your accounts before planning the discount.

Step 3

Order a combination. Starbucks offers discounts when it's promoting a new breakfast option or pastry, for example. Often, you can buy coffee and breakfast for just a few dollars, with discounts on both items to make your morning start less expensive.


Step 4

Go back in the afternoon. Some Starbucks locations offer a discount if you head back to the store during the afternoon lull, typically 2 to 4 o'clock. Locations for this discount vary, so ask at the counter if your favorite store offers this option.