Why Wish Your Clients a Happy New Year?

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It's been a difficult year in every business and workplace, and it has been just as hard on your company's clients. When the calendar year comes to an end, it's important to take time to acknowledge your clients and wish them a happy New Year. Send a card or send a small gift. It doesn't have to be expensive but make it memorable. Why take time out for this small but significant gesture? There are lots of reasons.


It Helps Your Clients Feel Appreciated

When you think of your clients at this special time of year, it lets them know two things: that they are important to you and that you are a thoughtful and gracious person. It sends the message that you have enjoyed working with them, and you prioritize making sure they know that.

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While you can certainly make this sentiment clear all year long, acknowledging the year's end marks a milestone and allows you the opportunity to express your gratitude for their business. After all, without clients, there is no business, right?


It’s Good for Business

Expressing appreciation and acknowledging a successful client relationship is never going to hurt business. When your clients realize that you not only appreciate them but are also organized and thoughtful enough to plan New Year's gifts, that just makes you look good.

It would be easy enough to say the holiday time was just too crazy to plan for client gifts, but when you take the time to think ahead and make sure your clients receive a gift, it tells your clients that your relationship with them is a priority. And that is likely to make them think of you when they need a job done.


You don't have to go overboard to impress. In fact, it's often more tasteful to keep your gift within budget, and perhaps even more so in this challenging year. Just make sure your gift or message is meaningful and memorable. Whether it's an e-card, a bottle of wine or a handmade cookie tray, if it's sincere and thoughtful, you'll score points with clients.

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It Starts the New Year Off Right

Giving a happy New Year gift is not just a mark of the year ending; it's also a look ahead at the upcoming year. While you are thanking clients for a successful year, you are also sending the message that you are looking forward to working together in the future as soon as tomorrow and throughout the next 12 months.


A calendar as a gift can help subtly drive home this point. But you may not be the only one offering a calendar, and you don't want yours to get put in a drawer. Whatever you choose to give, make sure it's something that is memorable and useful. Even better if it's something branded or directly related to your business, to help keep you top of mind in the coming year.

It’s Fun to Give and Good for You

The emotional and physical benefits of gift-giving aren't limited to the act of giving to family and friends. It can feel just as good to give to your clients. Besides, when you acknowledge the productive business relationships you've built and the successful projects you've completed for them, it gives you the opportunity to reflect on the great work you have done. It's a celebration of your business. You made it through another year – and a very challenging year at that.


Take Time Out to Wish Your Clients a Happy New Year

Your clients are your business. It's a good business practice to take this time each year to let them know they are appreciated. It's important to your career and can give a boost to the months ahead. Knowing you took the time to think of them at the year's end may make them more likely to think of you when it's time to get working in the new year.

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