How to Stretch Your Grocery Runs to Two Weeks

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Stay home. That's the plea of every public health official, every affected coronavirus patient or relative, and every evidence-based campaign to help all of us flatten the curve. But we've all got to venture outside at some point, especially if we run out of home essentials. How can we be responsible about keeping disease at bay while also maintaining our living spaces?


Getting delivery for every meal might sound tempting, but there's a reasonable middle ground. Grocery stores are still open during this pandemic, and lots of them are taking cautionary measures to protect customers, workers, and products for sale. Even knowing that, limiting your exposure will help you and your community. That's why the Washington Post's Ann Maloney has written up a guide for stretching your grocery runs about two weeks apart at a time.

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Most importantly, Maloney explains that you can build a shopping list that doesn't rely on hoarding — in fact, hoarding tends to backfire both for individual shoppers and the market at large. That's why it's best to accurately gauge what you'll use, what you like, and what you're just buying because it's on sale.


Enter the Quarantine Food Calculator by Omnicalculator. It's been developed by expert nutritionists to help you plan about 14 days of recipes and supplies, and it's totally free to use, though its developers welcome donations. The site also offers meal plans, if that sounds too overwhelming. Nobody has the singular correct answer for getting through this weird new global scenario, but we've got a lot of tools to help us figure it out.