Shoot Your Shot with These High-Paying Jobs

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People seek out and accept jobs for all kinds of reasons. For some, it matters more to be fulfilled and to do good; for others, making bank is the biggest thing that counts. Data can't tell us much about how your career makes you feel — but it can say something about what you get paid.


Both Glassdoor and Upwork have just released some interesting stats about the kinds of salaried work and freelance gigs that can net you some serious cash. Glassdoor's list digs into the best career opportunities in the U.S., "as submitted by employees in those roles … that have at least 2,000 open positions and a median base salary of $80,000." Of the top 25 slots, 13 have "manager" in the title. If your goals involve organizing teams of people and their output, it's more important than ever to stay up to snuff on management training and on fending off burnout.


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If you prefer to be your own boss without sacrificing your income, you can still find lucrative, steady work as a contractor, according to Upwork — assuming you have the right skill set. If you're versed in legal and accounting practices, you may be able to charge in the hundreds per hour for your services. These are not, however, entry-level positions, and freelancing is precarious not just for getting paid on time but for getting paid fairly, if you're not male.

Anyone can get smarter about valuing their work, whether it's through a salary negotiation or charging the right rates per hour. If you're looking for a change of pace and a big spike in income, however, these career paths might be right for you.