This Is How We Really Feel About Home Ownership

Owning a home: That's it, the American dream — the whole kit and caboodle. Supposedly most of us aspire to it one day. For those who've already achieved the goal, it's not turning out exactly as promised. just released a survey finding that almost two-thirds of millennial homeowners have regrets about their purchase. To put that buyer's remorse in perspective, 44 percent of average U.S. homeowners say the same, while baby boomers have their regrets at half the rate of millennials. All this, after we waited so long to get in the game.

The vast majority of complaints come down to one thing in particular. Owning a home is always far more expensive than anyone anticipates. From closings costs to mortgage rates to maintenance and repairs, there's always something that spoils your careful budgeting and throws your spending all out of whack. It is undeniably a drag to realize how much your home is going to eat up over the years and in the immediate future, especially if it turns out to be too small (12 percent of respondents) or in the wrong place (8 percent).

That said, whether you're all settled in or you're thinking about buying down the line, there are always ways to course-correct. Give yourself as much of a savings buffer as you can; sometimes it's hard to use savings, but that's why you've been squirreling away the funds in the first place. Finally, be kind to yourself. This is a very common place to find yourself in, as a homeowner. The more support you seek out and give yourself, the better off you're bound to become.