You Can Travel Around the World for Only $1,280

If you've always fantasized about planning a round-the-world trip, perhaps now is your moment. The website the Airfare Spot put together what they're calling the Around the World airfare sale, which gets you quite literally around the world for only $1,208. Hard to beat that deal.

The itinerary is pretty rapid fire but it lets you see a lot for an impressively low transit cost. The trip has you making stops in four continents, and the only real catch is that the trip has to happen on some pretty specific dates — October 11-October 27 of this year, to be exact.

Here's the journey as it plots out:

October 11, 2017: New York to London
October 15, 2017: London to Dubai
October 18, 2017: Dubai to Sydney, Australia
October 23, 2017: Sydney to Honolulu, Hawaii
October 26, 2017: Honolulu to New York

There's not tons of on-the-ground time, as you will note, but it does provide a pretty whirlwind glimpse at the world. Are you up for an adventure?