3 Steps to Keeping Your Job Search Secret

People always tell you that it's easier to find a job when you have a job, but that neglects the whole part of the equation that involves your boss not finding out that you're planning to leave. Truly, the last thing you want is for your current boss to find out you're looking, especially since there's no guarantee you will get the jobs you apply for. So with that in mind, here are a few really important steps for making sure you keep your job search under wraps.

1. Don't job search on the company computer.

Sure it's convenient but the odds of a slip-up are so high. Someone could see over your shoulder, you could send a resume or cover letter to the office printer and someone else could pick it up. Honestly, it's not worth tempting fate — keep the job search on your personal computer and avoid the stress and the error margin.

2. Don't make your wardrobe changes really obvious.

This is a big one but if you suddenly start dressing business casual people will start to assume that you're interviewing for a job. On days when you have to interview bring an easy change of clothes, or a piece that will spruce up the outfit and make you interview ready. Or just start dressing a little nicer to go to work, that way the shift to your interview outfit won't be so jarring.

3. Be smart about out-of-office interviews.

There are only so many "dentist appointments" a person can have before questions start to be raised. Schedule interviews at the very beginning or very end of day (or lunch time if you get one) to avoid being gone for long stretches of crucial time. If it's possible, maybe even take a personal day or vacation day — that way you'll avoid all the drama and be able to focus on the task at hand: getting a new job.