You Wish You Worked Here

Most people, international playboys and the independently wealthy aside, spend about 30% of their life at work. That depressing statistic confirms that over the course of your life a staggering 25-30 years are spent at the office with four in ten workers logging more than 50 hours a week!

Seeing as we spend so much time on the job, it makes sense to ensure you are working for a company that cares about your physical and mental wellbeing and treats you with dignity and respect. Lots of workplaces missed the memo that caring about office culture and employee comfort will actually lead to increases in productivity. But not so for these pioneering companies who have managed to up the perks to include things that really make a difference to an employee's happiness.


No surprises here, the tech giant Google, offers its employees a slew of cool extras, including gourmet food, an on-site masseur, free haircuts, and even a bowling alley -- all in addition to very generous pay and holiday policies. Google has been the #1 place to work for six years and they have more than 1,000 job openings right now. See where you can fit in.

Campbell Soup Company

Looking for work/life balance? The Campbell soup company has you covered with an on-site daycare, kindergarten, and after-school programs, cutting down your commute and ensuring you can switch from work to family life effortlessly. They also offer on-site banking, fitness programs, and meal preparation. Sound too good to be true? Check out the job openings all over the country and see for yourself.

Hershey Foods

Hershey must know its employees have been scoffing their fair share of Kisses -- they offer free fitness centers for employees, along with their spouses and dependants. And if that's not a sweet enough perk for you, employees also get free entry to the Hersheypark and Resort. See if they've got a spot for you in Hershey, PA.

Johnson and Johnson

This company offers its staff a concierge service that will run errands while you work. They also offer paid sabbaticals to staff, allowing them to take further training and upgrade their skills. They also offer on-site childcare and an extremely generous family leave plan for new parents. They are filling hundreds of positions all over the globe.


The toy leader and home of Barbie appeals to job-seekers who have parental responsibilities by offering generous maternity/paternity benefits, along with incentives that offset adoption costs. They also allow their employees to attend school field trips without penalization. And if that weren't enough, most offices in the US close at 1 p.m. on Friday afternoon and the littles in your life get to test out the new toys before they hit the shelves! Mattel is hiring people all over the world right now.


Everyone's favorite travel site has some pretty amazing perks for its employees. The usual profit sharing, health plans, catered meals, and massages are all nothing compared to the thousands of dollars in credits for bookings on the site. They are hiring all the time in cities in every corner of the globe, check it out!