How to Buy Time

When we're working (at least) eight-hour days, and taking care of your personal life is also a full-time job, it just seems like there's no way to get everything done. Buy yourself some time either buy learning how to cut corners, multitask or hire out some of the more tedious chores.

Step 1

Look at the areas of your life that require the most time. Driving, in the house, in the yard, eating or figuring out your finances, among other things, take a big chunk of time out of your life. Recognizing the biggest time-suckers is a great way to make them less time-consuming.

Step 2

Figure out where you can cut corners. This actually means double tasking, getting things accomplished while you might have been otherwise preoccupied, or hiring a service to take care of things you never get around to. You might listen to educational CDs in the car or get a hands-free phone or headset to turn your auto into a branch of the office. For you finances, bank online as much as you can to avoid the afternoon rush at the bank. Also shop online as much as possible. A few years ago, there was some hesitancy in this regard, but it's increasingly reliable across all product bases.

Step 3

Literally "buy" time. This means hiring out work that you would normally do. Hire the neighbor's kid to rake and mow your lawn. Buy pre-made meals so cut down on cooking time. Get a house-cleaning service to take care of the big cleaning. You can buy a finance software or hire an accountant to streamline your books. Pay an additional $5 to have gifts pre-wrapped. Many places offer this as an online option, as well. It's not just in-store anymore.


Some areas can be paid for entirely, like purchasing a wardrobe consultant, professional shopper, personal secretary or even chauffeur. Keep in mind, these are extremely expensive endeavors, but if you've always wanted your own valet, then go for it.