How Much Do You Pay for an RCFE Administrator?

More commonly known as an assisted living administrator, a residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFE) administrator typically works with people age 60 and older. Usually the RCFE administrator works with these people in a non-medical facility that offers care assistance, meals, housekeeping and administration of medication to the elderly. This is a medical management position that handles staffing as well as admissions and operations of the facility.


National Salary Estimates

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics categorizes the RCFE administrator profession in the "medical and health services managers" occupational category. For this occupation, the BLS shows $93,670 as the average annual salary per the May 2010 occupation and wages report. The lowest earning 10th percentile earns as average of $51,280. And the highest earning 90th percentile earns an average salary of $144,880.

Salaries By Industry

According to the BLS, salaries for this occupation vary slightly by industry. For example, the average salary for the specialty industry is $105,650 while the average in the home health care services industry is $84,710. And the general public nursing care facilities industry has an average of $79,010. As expected, this industry offers some of the highest levels of employment for the occupation.


Top Paying States

In Massachusetts, the average salary for this occupation is $112,670. According to the BLS report, this makes Massachusetts the top paying state for this occupation. Other top paying states include Washington, New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut. In these top paying states, the salary ranges between $107,380 and $109,670.

Top Paying Metro Areas

Metropolitan areas tend to offer higher than average salaries for this occupation. According to the BLS, the San Jose-Santa Clara-Sunnyvale, Cal. metro area is the top paying with an average salary of $123,930. Salaries in the top paying metro areas range from this high to $114,610 in metro areas are New York City, Tacoma, Boston, Seattle, San Diego, Boston and New Haven, Conn.