How to Donate Real Estate to a City

Step 1

Confirm that the land has no other owners or liens. Visit your local courthouse or government website to perform a deed search. If there are other owners or liens on the property, the registry of deeds lists any other parties with an interest in the real estate.

Step 2

Have the real estate appraised. If the property is worth less than $5,000, you can provide the city with an estimate of the property's value. If the property is worth more than $5,000, you must pay for a certified appraisal.

Step 3

Download Form 8283 from the Internal Revenue Service. Without the Noncash Charitable Donation Form, you cannot claim a deduction on your taxes.

Step 4

Contact your city government offices to inquire about the process of donating real estate. Cities such as St. Louis require that you fill out a form when donating real estate.

Step 5

Return the form and pay any title insurance and recording fees charged by the city.