How to Donate a Boat Without Title

You can donate older boats to charity even if there is no title available.

There are several charities that accept cars, boats and other non-cash items as charitable contributions, allowing you to claim a deduction on your federal income taxes. For instance, the Arthritis Foundation, the National Kidney Foundation and the American Heart Association accept your used boat as a donation even if it does not have a title. However, there is additional paperwork associated with donating a boat with no title.


Step 1

Prepare a receipt for the boat. Include the make, model, year and hull identification number (HIN)--located in the back, right corner of the boat.

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Step 2

Place the name of the charity on the receipt as the receiver of the property. Include the address and location as well to abide by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines. List yourself as the donator.


Step 3

Write or type a value for the boat on the receipt as well. This is determined by using the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) book and locating the current market value based on the boat's specifications.


Step 4

Complete a Power of Attorney for Vehicle Transactions. Visit your department of revenue to receive a copy of a pre-printed form.

Step 5

Get a notary to witness the power of attorney and apply her seal. Give it to the charity when donating a boat in lieu of the boat title.


Retain copies of the receipt and power of attorney for your records when reporting to the IRS.

Things You'll Need

  • Receipt

  • Power of attorney

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