How to Make Money Selling Peanut Brittle

Peanut brittle is a traditional American favorite.
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Peanut brittle has been around for a long time. Its origin isn't known, but today's candy may trace back to an ancient Celtic confection of baked sugar and nuts. Peanut brittle has become an American tradition, and you'll find recipes in many cookbooks. There's even a National Peanut Brittle Day on Jan. 26. If you're good at making this enduring favorite, your hobby may be a way of starting your own business.


Make a Plan

Develop a written business plan. It doesn't have to be a formal document. A business plan is primarily the process of thinking through and writing down your ideas in an organized manner. Making and selling peanut brittle is your basic idea, but here are points you need to think through before you start. Decide on your goal. You may want a full-time business or just to make some money on the side. Ask yourself where you can sell your peanut brittle and what resources you'll need to produce it on a large scale. Estimate how much it will cost to get started and how long it will take for revenue to start coming in.

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Markets for Peanut Brittle

One strategy for selling peanut brittle is to contact local merchants. Restaurants, coffee shops and independent grocers are possible outlets for your product. You can arrange to rent a booth at local crafts shows and cultural festivals). Another option is to set up a space at a nearby flea market. Many flea markets are ongoing enterprises, so you may be able to establish a permanent location using this approach at a lower cost than is required to open a conventional retail store.


Presenting Your Products

Choose a name for your peanut brittle business. The name should be distinctive and easy for your customers to remember. Package the candy attractively, with a label featuring the name you choose and the ingredients. Include contact information such as a website address so customers can get updates about new products, merchants that carry the peanut brittle and special offers. You may want to add variations on your basic peanut brittle recipe. For example, peanut brittle can include chocolate or be made with pecans, walnuts or other nuts. These variations offer choices that attract more customers and increase sales.



Your Sales Location

If you decide to make money selling peanut brittle at festivals and flea markets, design a booth that is attractive and professional. A canopy for outdoor locations helps to make your booth more visible and provides protection in bad weather. Everything – tables, display cases and storage containers – should be kept spotlessly clean because you are selling food. Provide napkins for samples and bags for customers to carry their purchases.


Compliance Issues

When you start a business, you have to follow some regulations. Your city or county department of taxation will require a business license. If your state levies a sales tax, you'll need a state tax ID number. You may need a health permit from your county health department and possibly a zoning permit if you make the peanut brittle in your home. You will also need a federal employer identification number if you hire anyone to help you make or sell your peanut brittle. Register your business name with your state or county government as a "doing business as" name to protect your right to it.



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