How to Recap Log Books

Log books keep track of expenses and allow you to manage finances easier.

Log books are used by commercial truck drivers. Truck drivers keep track of the hours that they drive, the miles that they drive and the hours off duty. Each state has their individual regulations on how many hours a commercial truck driver can drive per day. Keeping a log ensures to the driver's employer that they are not exceeding that legal limit and it enables the employer to calculate the driver's pay. Drivers need to recap their log books weekly to account for their time.


Step 1

Turn to the front of your log book at the end of your work week. This is where the recap chart is located. In the box labeled "Date" put Monday's date and Sunday's date with a dash between.

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Step 2

Add up the hours you drove that week. Place the number in the category labeled "Driving Time."


Step 3

Add up the miles you drove that week. Place this number in the box labeled "Mileage."


Step 4

Add up the hours that you were off duty during the week. Put this number in the box labeled "Off Duty."

Step 5

Turn your log book into your employer when finished filling out your recap.



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