Can You Put Insurance on a Camper That Has a Salvaged Title?

A camper might be perfectly functional even with a salvage title, so you shouldn't lose your right to purchase insurance coverage for it. This is, however, often the case. First, find an insurance company that writes coverage for campers, then determine whether it is willing to insure one that has been declared salvage.


Insurer Differences

Some insurance companies refuse to do things that others find perfectly acceptable. Insurers are generally allowed to set their own procedures and guidelines as long as they are consistent with the laws of the states in which they operate. Because of this, very infrequently do rules apply to all insurers equally. You may have difficulty finding an insurer to help you with your salvage camper, but someone will probably do it.


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Insurance for RVs

Campers are often categorized with other types of recreational vehicles, so the first thing to do is find an insurance company that covers RVs. Specialty insurers and some mainstream ones, like Progressive, offer this type of coverage. If your camper attaches to a motorized vehicle, the camper itself likely needs only physical damage protection like comprehensive and collision coverage. If you have a camper van or other motorized camper, you need a policy that offers liability as well.


Problems For Insurers

A salvage title means that the vehicle in question sustained enough damage in the past that the repair cost approached or exceeded its cash value. Insurance companies total a vehicle rather than offer repairs because it costs the insurer less money to buy it from the claimant than to repair it. According to, the vehicle is then usually sold at a salvage auction to whoever pays the highest bid. There is no guarantee about a salvaged vehicle's structural integrity or roadworthiness, so some insurers conclude that insuring them is too high a risk.


Coverage For Salvage

Some insurance companies refuse to cover salvage vehicles. Others offer only liability coverage because of the risk of having to insure an improperly repaired vehicle. Some, however, write full coverage on these vehicles, including comprehensive and collision. If you find an insurer willing to do this for your camper, be aware that you will likely receive a reduced settlement if you total the vehicle again. Salvaged vehicles of all types are typically worth less than identical vehicles with a clean title, according to the Car Insurance Quote website.



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