How do I Replace a Windshield in Georgia for Free With Comprehensive Insurance?

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A cracked or smashed windshield can ruin your day, but there may be ways to get it repaired or replaced for free in Georgia. In the state's capital, Atlanta, windshield replacement costs all depend on the type of auto insurance you have. Some drivers have low deductibles and more coverage on their policies, while others have different options. Without the right insurance coverage, though, it's unlikely you'll be able to get your windshield repaired at no cost in Georgia.


Windshield Repair Atlanta

According to the writers at, some Georgia drivers have full glass replacement coverage included on their auto insurance policies. This coverage may include zero or high deductibles (or somewhere in between), but state laws do not require insurance companies to even offer this added coverage on their policies.

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Comprehensive auto insurance pays for repairs (up to certain limits) on different kinds of damages, including full glass replacements but again, deductibles may apply. If the deductible is zero, windshield repair or replacement in Atlanta may be free. However, you should understand that you are paying for the privilege of free repair with a higher insurance premium cost throughout the year.


The writers at explain that Florida, Kentucky and South Carolina provide "free" windshield replacement. This means that car insurance deductibles for windshield replacements or repairs are waived as long as the policyholder has comprehensive insurance. The state of Georgia does not offer this kind of free windshield replacement, though.

Insurance and Deductibles

To choose the best insurance for cars, it is important to understand how deductibles work. Policy owners must pay higher premiums to get lower or zero deductibles. Your insurance agent can help you to understand your options.


It is important to read over the auto insurance policy to see what type of coverage is included and how much these deductibles will actually be in the event that something goes wrong. Sometimes, the amount of a deductible is so high that it may be better to pay for the new windshield out of pocket. There is also the possibility that the premiums will increase when claims are made.

Progressive Window Replacement and Repairs

According to Progressive, their auto policyholders may not have to pay anything if the windshield glass can be repaired instead of replaced. They advise their customers to file claims as soon as possible when a windshield breaks. Ideally, this should be done before repairs or replacements are made. This same advice applies when windshields crack or chip.


If the policy owner has comprehensive coverage, this coverage will apply to the glass damage. Collision coverage is usually used in accidents that involve other cars and, if another driver caused the crash, the policyholder can file a claim against that party's insurance company. Comprehensive will apply if the damage was caused by hitting an animal or by flying debris. With Progressive auto policies, cracked windshields can be repaired without having to pay a deductible, as long as the crack is less than 6 inches.

Replacing windshields can be expensive because it involves new glass and more labor. The final cost will depend on the vehicle's make and model, the type of glass and where the policy owner lives. It is unsafe to drive with broken windshields and may also be impossible to pass inspection with one. Progressive does provide windshield coverage policies for autos, but this may not be available in all states.