How to Get a Waiver for Workman's Comp if You Are a Sole Proprietor in Indiana

You can get a wavier for worker's compensation in Indiana if your business is a sole proprietorship, with you alone owning and running the company. Worker's compensation in Illinois provides benefits for workers injured on the job, and business in the state pay for insurance coverage for worker's compensation cases. You can apply to the Indiana Department of Revenue for a Certificate of Clearance to receive a waiver from the coverage requirement.


Step 1

Visit the Indiana Department of Revenue. You must get a certificate from the department showing you paid all taxes to receive a worker's compensation waiver. The department is located at:

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100 N. Senate IGCN, Room N105 Indianapolis, IN 46204.


Step 2

Visit the official website of the State of Indiana's Worker's Compensation Board. Download and print Form 45899, the "Application for Worker's Compensation Clearance Certificate."

Step 3

Complete the form. You must provide your personal information, including name, address, Social Security number and contact information, the name of the business and the business type. Check the box indicating the business is a sole proprietorship. Answer the remaining questions on the form. Sign and date the form.


Step 4

Prepare the payment. You must pay a fee of $20 as of 2011 to file the certificate. Use a money order or certified check and make the item payable to the "Indiana Department of Revenue." Attach the payment to the form.

Step 5

Mail the form and payment to:

Indiana Department of Revenue P.O. Box 2305 Indianapolis, IN 46204.


File all late tax returns before requesting the certificate from the Indiana Department of Revenue.