If I Live in Tennessee & Work in Kentucky, Who Do I Pay Taxes To?

Tennessee residents who work in Kentucky must file two state tax returns.

Individuals who live in one U.S. state and work in another must generally file two state income tax returns, one for the state they live in and one for the state where they earn income. People who live in Tennessee and work in Kentucky must file a tax return in each state, but are only required to pay taxes once.


Tennessee Residency

Taxpayers who live in Tennessee and earn a certain amount of income in the state must file a Tennessee tax return. Tennessee residents who work in other states are not required to pay Tennessee tax on their out-of-state earnings. However, any other income that the household received during the year, including taxable interest or a spouse's in-state earnings, is subject to Tennessee state income tax.


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Earning Income in Kentucky

The state of Kentucky imposes income tax on all income earned within the state's borders. This applies to people who live in another state and work in Kentucky. These individuals must file a nonresident Kentucky state tax return each year.


Tennessee Individual Income Tax Return

Workers who earn income in Kentucky should not include their earnings on their Tennessee return. Rather, they should only report earnings and income that is taxable to Tennessee.


Filing a Kentucky Nonresident Income Tax Return

Those who work in Kentucky but live in Tennessee should report their earnings on Form 740-NP "Kentucky Individual Income Tax Return Nonresident or Part-Year Resident." When completing the name and address portion of the return, these workers should use their Tennessee address.



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