How to Claim Income From EDD on a Tax Return

With a few exceptions, you will need to claim your income from EDD on your taxes.

In California, the Employment Development Department, also called EDD, pays those who are unemployed or on disability. This income comes from taxes paid by employers to California. Unless the claimant requests it, California does not take income tax from your unemployment or disability check. This income is still considered taxable. In January of the following year, California will mail you a 1099G.


Step 1

Fill out your 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ including your name, address, marital status, gender and the number of people in your household.

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Step 2

Enter your income into the appropriate box. If you use a 1040EZ form, enter the income listed in box 1 of Table A on line 3. For a regular 1040, list your income on line 19; for a 1040A, use line 13. If you received income from Paid Family Leave, that income will be listed in box 1 of Table B. This income will be listed in the same place on your tax form. If you have both box 1 of Table A and Table B filled out, combine the two incomes and list that on your tax form.


Step 3

Finish completing your tax form, including any other income and all deductions, and mail it to the IRS by April 15.


In 2011, the first $3,000 in unemployment were not taxable, though you still have to list the income on your taxes.

California mails out 1099G forms during the last week of January. If you do not receive the form by February 3, contact EDD by phone at 800-795-0193.

Things You'll Need

  • 1099G

  • IRS tax form

  • Pen with black ink

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