How to Verify VA Employment Income

The Department of Veteran Affairs employs both veterans and nonmilitary personnel in a variety of positions. The department is subject to the same tax laws as any other employer in the United States. The Internal Revenue Service requires income verification from all employers each year. The VA sends veterans an official IRS taxable income form, such as a W-2 form. Use your annual tax data to verify VA income, as you would any nonmilitary job. Disabled veterans can also have employment outside the VA. The VA calls this "your countable family income."


Step 1

Find out what forms you will need from Human Resources personnel. If you work for the VA, check for the HR office in your state. If you work outside the VA, call the appropriate person at your place of employment.

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Step 2

Get the answers on employment verification from the VA or a local facility first. Check


Step 3

Employers must send out income verification forms by Jan. 31. The latest allowable deadline for employees to receive verification is Feb. 15 Call the IRS or go to by the end of January to begin an inquiry as a last resort.


Step 4

Gather your tax data, such as your last check from the VA or any other employer, to give an accurate account of your wages for the year in question. Know the department you worked for and the address of your employer before contacting the IRS.

Things You'll Need

  • Last employment check

  • Identification

  • Employer's address

  • Employer's contact numbers

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