How to Find Out How Much Income Taxes You Paid

The amount of taxes you paid is available on several records.
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The law requires workers to pay income taxes to the federal and, in most cases, the state government. Generally, employers are responsible for withholding the appropriate taxes from their employees' paychecks and for paying them timely. Income taxes include federal, state, local, Medicare and Social Security taxes. If you have lost track of how much income tax you have paid, you can find out using a number of ways.


Step 1

Check your pay stub. Your taxes withheld should be printed on your pay stub each pay date. Your pay stub should include a breakdown of your current taxes withheld and the year-to-date amount. If you do not have your pay stub, ask your employer for a copy.

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Step 2

Refer to your W-2. Employers are required to give their employees a W-2 for each year, detailing all income and taxes withheld.


Step 3

Check your 1040–the form used to file your tax return with the IRS. Whether you prepared your tax return yourself or hired a tax preparer, you should retain copies of the return sent to the IRS. Your 1040 should reflect how much income tax you paid, how much you owe or your refund amount.


Step 4

Contact the IRS directly. The IRS receives information from the Social Security Administration and the state regarding your wages and taxes paid. Visit your local IRS field office to learn the amount of taxes you paid.


Step 5

Contact your state department of labor (DOL) or deparrtment of revenue agency. Your state income taxes paid are reported to your state department of revenue and the state workforce agency. Visit your state DOL office or revenue office to obtain the amount of state taxes paid.



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