Florida SSI Benefits

The Supplemental Security Income program in Florida offers aid to those who are either blind, disabled or over the age of 65 and who are facing financial hardship. The federal government supplies the money to recipients of the program; however, Florida adds a supplement to the payment for its citizens.

Apply for benefits at your local Social Security office.

Income Guidelines

Earned and unearned income types are considered during the Social Security application process. Earned income includes money made from a job or self-employment in Florida. Unearned income includes payments received from veteran's benefits, Social Security payments and worker's compensation. As of May 2011, the maximum amount of unearned income one person can receive a month is $694; for a couple the amount is $1.031. For earned income the limits are $1,433 for one person and $2,107 for a couple.

Resource Guidelines

As of May 2010, a single person can have as much as $2,000 worth of things he owns, which includes money in the bank or on hand, certificates of deposit, stocks, bonds and investments. This cap rises to $3,000 in Florida for a couple, even if only one person is qualifying for SSI.


Exactly how much you receive in the form of SSI benefits depends on your financial situation. As of 2011, the maximum monthly payment for a single person is $674 a month. For a couple the amount increases to $1,011. Payments are currently being transferred to exclusive electronic transfer, either through direct deposit or through a Florida-recommended debit card. Current recipients have until March 2013 to switch to electronic payments.

Florida Supplement

Florida supplements, or adds to, the SSI payments received by its citizens in certain situations. For example, SSI recipients who live in adult family care or assisted living facilities receive an additional $78.40 a month from the state of Florida. Those who live in a Medicaid facility receive an additional $5 a month as a single person or $10 a month as a couple.