How to Check When a Disability Check Is Sent

A late check might make your bills late too.

Disability checks from the Social Security Administration are U.S. government checks sent on the first business day of every month. If you don't receive a check, or think it might have been stolen, you must contact the SSA as soon as possible to check the status and request a replacement check. Starting May 1, 2011 all new claims will be sent via electronic transfer directly to bank or federally insured Electronic Transfer Accounts. Even if you are receiving checks, this option might streamline your income process and reduce possible problems getting checks.


Step 1

Wait until the fourth day of the month. Checks should arrive by this day unless a holiday or weekend interrupt the arrival.

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Step 2

Call the Social Security Administration at 800-325-0778. Provide the customer service representative with your Social Security Number and any other identifying information requested to protect you from fraud.


Step 3

Ask the customer service representative whether your check was sent or whether there is some delay you are unaware of.


Maintain a current address of record with the SSA to ensure payments are made without interruption.

Things You'll Need

  • Social Security Number

  • Phone

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