How to Cancel an AFLAC Policy

Requesting the cancellation of your Aflac policy is a fairly straight-forward process with a few caveats. Individual policyholders can cancel any coverage they have at any time. Things can get a bit more complicated, however, if you have an employer-provided policy.


Employer-provided Policy Cancellation Rules

If the coverage is deducted before taxes, IRS rules dictate that you can only cancel during the open enrollment period. This is usually during the first three months of the year. On the other hand, after-tax coverage is treated like an individual policy and can be terminated whenever you like. To determine the tax status of the coverage you want to cancel, look in the "Deductions" section of your pay stub or contact the HR department.

Cancellation Process

Individual policyholders must contact their insurance agent or Aflac customer service to get the cancellation process started. People covered under their employer need to speak with human resources or the company's benefits administrator. In either case, you'll get a cancellation request form. Its exact makeup can vary, but you generally need to identify the coverage you wish to cancel, the policy number, and the date you want the change to go into effect. You may also have to include employee identification numbers. For self-paid and after-tax employer-paid policies, the cancellation takes effect at the end of the requested month. For before-tax coverage cancellations, the plan cancels on the first day of the new benefit year. Aflac uses January 1 as the effective date.