How to Remove Dependents From Blue Cross Blue Shield

There are many reasons that you may choose to drop a dependent from your Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance policy. It is important that they have health insurance lined up for them before you drop the coverage in case they become ill or they are seriously injured. It can be more difficult to find insurance for them if they have been uninsured for any amount of time.


Step 1

Determine if your policy is a private policy or if you have a group policy. A group policy is one that you get through work. A private policy is one that simply covers your family or you as an individual.

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Step 2

Contact your human resources department if you want to drop your children from your group policy obtained from your employer. They will send you the forms that you need to fill out to cancel the policy. You do not need to wait until an open enrollment period to cancel coverage.


Step 3

Fill out the paperwork and send it in. The coverage may terminate effective immediately or may last until the end of the month. You should check your pay stub to be sure that they have stopped deducting the amount from your paycheck each month.

Step 4

Call your Blue Cross and Blue Shield agent or a representative if you have a private policy. The contact number should be on your health insurance card. Explain that you want to drop your dependents from the policy and follow the instructions on what you need to do to drop your children. The procedure may vary from state to state since Blue Cross and Blue Shield is a separate company in each state.



Step 5

Send in the letter or paperwork that you need to drop your children from the policy. Your agent may issue you an entire new policy instead of just dropping your dependents from the current one. Generally the insurance company requires a thirty or sixty day notice for the end of coverage.


Simply not sending payment for your insurance is not enough to cancel your insurance. The insurance company can sue you or try to collect on unpaid premiums. It is important to document all communication when you change your health insurance policy so that you have proof of what happened if there is a dispute later.

Health insurance can save you money by covering medical bills. If you cannot afford a traditional policy consider a high deductible plan or catastrophic policy that will help if someone in your family is diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer.

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